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Blood Orange Rooibos
Blood Orange Rooibos

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Blood Orange Rooibos
 1 tsp Per Cup    
 5 Min    
Blood Orange Rooibos is our most popular herbal blend. It has many levels of flavor ranging from the citrus orange with a light vanilla undertone, to the malty rich rooibos base.

Extra Info:

Blood oranges usually have pitted skin and are smaller than an average orange. The juice is sweet with a somewhat bitter aftertaste and less acidic than that of regular table oranges.


Rooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rose-hips, apple pieces, safflowers, rose petals, with orange, vanilla, and lemon flavor.


Rooibos: South Africa
Blended: USA

Tasting Notes:

Love it!   

I love this tea! I normally add a bit of cream and honey to my tea, but this one does not need it. It is excellent hot, but it is my new favorite iced. The refreshing citrus is perfect for the hot summer!

( Helpfulness: 1 Votes )
5 out of 5 Stars on 6/7/2013
| Chattanooga, TN

The most AMAZING taste of summer in this tea.   

I ordered this tea on the suggestion of a friend and I was not disappointed. Best tea ever and i'll tell you why. The notes and tones in this tea are brilliant and they sparkle. They play together so that it's not TOO citrusy or TOO floral. A well-done masterpiece and a classic. I will be keeping in stock in my home.

( Helpfulness: 1 Votes )
5 out of 5 Stars on 3/30/2012
| Atlanta, GA


We make this by the gallon in the summer and drink throughout the day. Great unsweetened, since it is naturally lightly sweet, or with some honey. It's easy on the stomach and even seems to calm mild digestive distress. In cooler weather it's nice to have hot in the evenings. It's just an all around great tea.

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5 out of 5 Stars on 10/15/2013
| Albuquerque, NM

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