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Cream Earl Grey
Cream Earl Grey

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Cream Earl Grey
 1 tsp Per Cup    
 4 Min    
An exquisite Earl Grey character mellowed with soft hints of cream. If you are fan of Earl Grey and have not tried tried this, you are in for a treat. Cream Earl Grey has a taste that is smooth with vanilla overtones, which stand out above the premium bergamot flavor – the signature taste of Earl Grey.

Extra Info:

Make a "London Fog" without a milk steamer:
1) Use 1.5 teaspoons of Cream Earl Grey and steep for 5 minutes.
2) While the tea is steeping take heavy cream, add in some vanilla extract, sugar, and a touch of boiling water. Shake the cream vigorously (to simulate the steaming process)
3). When the tea is ready, pour the cream mixture in. You even get a nice layer of froth on top!


Black tea, cornflower petals, bergamot oil, and natural flavors


Sri Lanka

Tasting Notes:

Divine elixir   

The teas sold by NM Tea Co. are almost uniformly better than you can find elsewhere, but this particular tea is beyond enchanting. Drunk hot with a bit of cream, it's smooth vanilla sweetness is almost unbelievably gratifying. I've restrained myself to only drinking four cups a day. Running low on my first stash I was ready to tear my hair out (or at least get an Albuquerqueian friend to mail me more) until I realized they ship, for free! Seriously; this might not be the most complex or nuanced tea you've ever had, but it might be the most delicious. You *must* try some.

( Helpfulness: 2 Votes )
5 out of 5 Stars on 7/23/2013
| CA

One of my top 3 favorites   

But it's the one I drink the most! It's perfect for any time of day, evening, night, hot, cold... I mean, drink it hot or cold. It is rare for a cup to be left over, but when it is, I put it in the fridge and have "iced" tea the next day.

( Helpfulness: 1 Votes )
5 out of 5 Stars on 9/27/2013
| Albuquerque

Amazing tea   

I'm not a big black tea drinker, but do, on occasion, enjoy Earl Grey, so I got this today thinking it would just be something I'd want very occasionally. But wow, this is amazing tea! I followed the recipe for a London Fog steamer, and it is so delicious, I can see myself drinking this regularly! I also tried it without milk or sweetener, and I might even prefer it that way! Without milk and sugar the florals are lovely and delicate, not overwhelming, but they are strong enough to stand up to milk too. If you're an Earl Grey lover, you will really like this, but even if you only occasionally drink black tea, it's worth trying, because this is phenomenally good!

( Helpfulness: )
5 out of 5 Stars on 1/14/2014
| NM

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