Herbal Blends

In culinary terms "herb" can mean any plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume. However, in the tea world we use the term "herbal" as a way of talking about any plant that you steep in water but that is not the "tea plant" (Camellia Sinensis).

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Lady Hannah Fruit TisaneNew Mexico Tea Company Lady Hannah Fruit Tisane Lady Hannah Fruit Tisane
Lavender ChamomileNew Mexico Tea Company Lavender Chamomile Lavender Chamomile
Kidney & Bladder Detox | OrganicNew Mexico Tea Company Kidney & Bladder Detox | Organic Kidney & Bladder Detox | Organic
Honeybush | OrganicNew Mexico Tea Company Honeybush | Organic Honeybush | Organic
Pondi CherryNew Mexico Tea Company Pondi Cherry Pondi Cherry
Ginger Cinnamon | OrganicNew Mexico Tea Company Ginger Cinnamon | Organic Ginger Cinnamon | Organic
Midnight BlueNew Mexico Tea Company Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
Extra Sleepy Bear | OrganicNew Mexico Tea Company Extra Sleepy Bear | Organic Extra Sleepy Bear | Organic
Angel Falls MistNew Mexico Tea Company Angel Falls Mist Angel Falls Mist
Guayusa SpiceNew Mexico Tea Company Guayusa Spice Guayusa Spice
Ginger Citrus GuayusaNew Mexico Tea Company Ginger Citrus Guayusa Ginger Citrus Guayusa
Traditional GuayusaNew Mexico Tea Company Traditional Guayusa Traditional Guayusa
Chai Spice Mix | OrganicNew Mexico Tea Company Chai Spice Mix | Organic Chai Spice Mix | Organic
Starlight Sleep | OrganicNew Mexico Tea Company Starlight Sleep | Organic Starlight Sleep | Organic
African SummerNew Mexico Tea Company African Summer African Summer
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