Benefits of drinking tea reach far beyond taste

10/19/2010 by Jamie Garcia
Wouldnt it be great if the things we liked to drink were also beneficial to our health? Lucky for tea drinkers, this is just the case. If tea is your beverage of choice, drink up! Every cup you consume comes packed with plenty of healthy rewards.

A Strong Brew, Steeped in Tradition

10/7/2010 by MINA YAMASHITA
I visit with David Edwards over a pot of Lady Londonderry tea and fresh-baked empanadas as the New Mexico Tea Company nears its fourth anniversary. Edwards and business partner Dianne Edenfield first opened their doors on Nov. 1, 2006, in a smallish

How Loyal Customers Saved a Business

9/12/2010 by Amanda Kooser
New Mexico may be more known for its red and green chile, but David Edwards took an alternative path by starting a tea company with business partner Dianne Edenfield in 2006. And when the down economy and several unfruitful business decisions put New

Loyal customers infuse NM Tea Co. with green

8/1/2010 by Megan Kamerick
David Edwards has encouraged his customers to support entrepreneurs in the developing world with microloans through the nonprofit Kiva. He never thought he might one day use a similar strategy for his own company.

Reading with Tea Leaves

2/1/2010 by Sue Gist
SOUTHWEST FLAVOR Reading with Tea Leaves At your next book circle, relax with a New Mexico–style afternoon tea Story by Wendy Sue Gist “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” —C.S. Lewis Wealthy New

Gifts they'll love

12/1/2009 by Sunset
Sunset Mag gift guide

Lunch With David Edwards

9/1/2009 by Jasmine Evaristo
ATM: How did you get involved in the tea industry? Edwards: I really wanted to work for myself. At the same time, my motherdecided she wanted to open a card shop, and she wanted me to do thebusiness side of it, I thought that a card shop wasn't uniq

Calm your mind and energize your body

12/3/2008 by Kelly Koepke (Contributing Editor)
“I off er eight teas, a pure and a fl avored variety of each of the four kinds of tea,” Edwards says. “Often, people are intimidated by the idea of a tasting. But this is a good way for someone to expand their palate or to simply get an overview.

No Leaf Left Unturned

11/10/2008 by Carrie Seidman NMBW Associate Editor
Those are just a few of the methods Edwards, an enterprising 27-year-old with a background in graphics design and a knack for the entrepreneurial, has employed to promote the New Mexico Tea Co.

Cool Friday Night To-Do

4/19/2008 by Ridin
The owner, David, hosts these weekly tastings, which take about an hour and a half, and are free. You call him to sign up in advance; there's only 6 spaces at each. The summary: you'll have a good time and get some education in a wholly snob-free env

Restoring Mountain Road's Old Glory

12/1/2007 by Dianne Edenfield
Also on the northeast corner of Mountain and 12th, New Mexico Tea Company’s owner, David Edwards,brings teas from around the world.

New Mexico Tea Company

10/25/2007 by Jennifer Wohletz
Stuffed, I walked across the street to the store that supplies Sunshine Café with its robust menu of teas and herbal infusions. New Mexico Tea Company is a small, super-classy storefront owned by 26-year-old entrepreneur David Edwards.

City carves district out of 'Mountain'

8/13/2007 by Ranae Ford
David Edwards is a young entrepreneur who knows more about tea than one man should. It’s a good thing too, because he is the owner of New Mexico Tea Company.

Shop Owner Offers Americans An Alternative to Coffee

1/25/2007 by Rory McClannahan
Americans don't have quite the love for tea that the British do. But David Edwards said it is his mission in life to change America, or at least his little part of it, from coffee drinkers to tea drinkers.

Steeping with the New Mexico Tea Company

1/15/2007 by Chantal
The crisp little tea shop at 12th and Mountain was too sunny and too new to drive by. Plus, it was open on a Sunday.

Old Town Gets a Tea Store

1/15/2007 by David
Dinosaurs, sculptures and high-wire bicycles are far from the only cool things to be found on Mountain Road Northwest at the edge of Old Town. And the street seems to be getting more chic by the minute. Take, for example, New Mexico Tea Company and i


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