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12oz | Pure Wildflower Raw Local Honey

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Price: $8.00


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Collected from a variety of wildflowers in northern New Mexico, SolBee’s all natural honey is a cut above the rest. It’s smooth, sweet, and delicious, with a distinct finish that pairs with any type tea. This honey is raw and uncooked, providing the pollen benefits to combat allergies.


SolBee Company was created out of a love for the sun, nature, and honey bees.

Having a connection to nature and a zeal for the unknown led Brian at the age of fourteen to seek out an old-time beekeeper in his hometown, whose family had been renowned for their bee keeping sleight of hand for over one hundred years.

It wasn’t long before Brian had developed a passion for keeping bees and enjoying the products derived from their hives. Brian’s soul had found peace working in the midst of millions of buzzing bees, each dedicating their life to the survival of the hive.


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