Banko-esque Tea Set

New Mexico Tea Company
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Pot: 12 oz; Cup 4 oz

This tea set comes with two cups and mesh infuser. The right-angled handle was designed to put the smallest amount of stress on the wrist whilst pouring.

Manufactured In


Materials Used

Ceramic with stainless steel infuser

Care Instructions

Microwave (remove strainer) and dishwasher safe.

Extra Info

Created in the style of a traditional Japanese Kyu Banko teapot. Kyu Banko is a sotneware (banko) teapot (kyu) made in the Tokoname region of Japan, an area valued for producing prize-winning ceramics. The unique design of Japanese teapots can be seen in the 90 degree angle of the handle to the spout. This allow for one hand to simultaneous hold the lid whilst pouring a cup.

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