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CBD Raw Honey

Taos Honey Co. stands alone when it comes to price, CBD oil quality, raw honey flavor, aroma, appearance, and texture. The CBD used in thair honey is derived, harvested, and consolidated from CFH Ltd., an Organic farm in Colorado. They use pesticide and fertilizer free farming techniques to produce some of the best CBD oil on the market.

All of the Taos Honey hives are located in northern New Mexico. The color and flavor of this fresh multi-floral Raw Amber honey range throughout the seasons as the bees collect nectars from different varieties of flowers, fruit trees, elms and junipers in the spring through sage, alfalfa, clovers, thistles, and sunflowers.

The taste is thick, robust and lingers a bit longer and less sweet on the palate than the Raw Amber Honey from Taos, NM.

3oz Jar

Each 3 oz (85g) jar contains 125mg/CBD
Each 3 oz (85g) jar contains 17 one teaspoon (5g) servings
Each serving contains 7mg/CBD

6oz Jar

Each 6 oz (170g) jar contains 250mg/CBD
Each 6 oz (170g) jar contains 35 one teaspoon (5g) servings
Each serving contains 7mg/CBD

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