Thank you for the overwhelming support over the last week! We are still about 1 day behind on shipping, but catching up fast! You can email with any questions.
Due to the Goveners "Stay at Home" directive we have closed our retail store on 3/24 and are accepting online / phone orders for delivery only. Read our Facebook Post for more info.

How does the free sample work?
3/9/2008 David

If you are local to Albuquerque, then each month you can come in and receive a free ounce of any of our bulk loose leaf teas. No purchase necessary, no restriction on which tea you choose.

How much tea should I buy?
3/5/2008 Davd

An ounce of loose leafs makes between 8 and 10 cups of tea. Lasting about a week for most people.

What is the the deal with "Quantity Pricing"?
3/5/2008 David

Basically the more tea you buy, the bigger the discount is per oz.

Will you spam me, or sell my e-mail address?
9/22/2008 David

In short... no!