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JoeFish Takeout

New Mexico Tea Company
16 fl oz
Double Walled Glass

The Brewfish is an insulated press filter cup. When your favorite tea is fully infused and ready to drink the Brewfish seperates your tea from the water. The "GoodSeal" shuts off the brewing so your tea stays perfect 'til the last sip. Tilt the top slightly to drink. Made for any style leaf, even very fine teas.

Manufactured In


Materials Used

Glass, stainless steel, and the highest standard food safe silicone.

Care Instructions

Microwave safe without press | Top shelf Dishwasher safe.

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I'm really happy with the Joefish so far! It keeps 98% of the water out of the tea leaves once you press it down, which is great for everyday at the office, but don't use it with tea that is easily oversteeped. I got this one when my brewfish broke after a year: the tack welds failed and the top of the insert came apart... The Joefish has NO WELDS, just two rivets which are much more durable and I expect this to last for years of use, multiple times a day!!! I got the joefish because I dislike dealing with a teabag or strainer full of spent tea leaves at my desk. I just *firmly* shake the spent leaves out of the joefish when I'm done.


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