Painted Gaiwans

New Mexico Tea Company
Size: 6 oz
Maximum dimensions: 3.5" H; 4.25" D

These beautiful, porcelain gaiwans are a little larger than traditional gaiwans and have a beautiful blue scene design of either a village or flowers.

Gaiwans are a traditional Chinese lidded bowl, without handles, used for the infusion and consumption of tea, consisting of a bowl, a lid, and a saucer representing people, heaven and earth, respectively.

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Care Instructions

Rinse with warm water only. If stains are present, rinse with a small amount of baking soda and hot water.

Extra Info

Traditional Gaiwan Instructions:

+Pre-warm the cup by adding some hot water and then discard that water. Heating the cup first allows for the tea to brew evenly rather than loosing that heat to the cup.

+Add 2-3 tsp of dry leaves to the gaiwan, followed by water at the appropriate temperature for your tea. Cover and then immediately discard that first “rinsed” infusion after 30 seconds. Leave the lid on the rinsed leaves.

+Lift the gaiwan to your nose and tilt the lid open about 1/2” to release the tea's full body scent.

+Steep the tea in the appropriate hot water and time to these leaves, paddle them once or twice with the lid and then replace the lid.

+Tilt the lid back slightly and either start sipping directly from the gaiwan or decant the brew into another cup.

+Tea can be re-infused multiple times for various tastes and caffeine levels.

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