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Update on Store Status

Since the Governor has instituted a "stay at home" order we are no longer doing instore pickup. However, we have fast (and free if you like) shipping to anywhere in the country.

We have instituted a pay what you can shipping model to all customers. If you're being impacted by the economy right now please choose the free shipping option for any order of any size.

Free Shipping

Free shipping would really help me out in these hard times. Split Shipping With Us

I want to help out, so let's go Dutch! Full Shipping

I'm doing fine and can pay for shipping this time. Pay it Forward

I would like to pay for my shipping, and for someone else's who can't afford it.


Closing the store is not an option for us at this point. All 13 people who work for NM Tea Co rely on their paychecks to live.

The most helpful thing you can do is to continue to buy tea!

Using our "pay what you can" shipping model, if you can pay for shipping please consider doing so. It will help us out, and it will help those of your fellow tea lovers that are in worse shape financially.

If you have all the tea you need, consider buying gift cards here:
For in-store use
For online use

Things are going to be tricky for the next few months. We are trying to guess demand, cash flow, and our suppliers' ability to fulfill our orders. We may be out of stock of your favorite tea. We are doing our best so that you don't notice a difference, but we are facing unknowns.

If we are out of that tea you love, maybe try another one, you might find a new favorite. Or you can try rationing. In World War II, British citizens could have 2oz of tea a week. I'm guessing they didn't get to pick which kind!

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