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China Trip 2017 - Gift Packs

New Mexico Tea Company

Price: $145.00

Tea Only$145
Only 1 Available
Teaware Add-on
Brewing Cup$15
Yixing Tea Pig$5
Gong Fu Cha Tea Tools$20
Puerh Brick$10
Yi Xing Inside Tumbler$20

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In June, David traveled to China to visit our Chinese tea supplier personally. Along the way he bought a lot of tea and teaware, and has created these limited edition gift packs so that you can experience "all" the tea in China!

While this is only a limited number of teas compared to everything China has to offer, we feel that a selection of teas this extensive and fresh has never been offered all together before.

Be one of the select few to get a sampling of 29 teas (black, green, oolong, white and puerh) brought directly from China this past month.

You have two options:

The Mega Pack has double the tea of the other option in addition to more teaware. If we were to price each thing normally, the cost would be $525. However, because you're buying everything together, and in celebration of this trip, we are offering the whole pack for $375.

The Super Pack has everything the Mega pack has, though a few less teaware items, and half the tea. $195 ($275 retail)

Special Tea Tasting

Everyone who purchases any of the options will be invited to a special tea tasting this summer where we can try these teas together and you can learn more about Chinese tea.

Tea Farm Visit

Pictures of the Trip

Extra Info:

Tea Name Tea Only
Huoshan Huangya (Yellow Tea) 2oz
Yingshan Mao Jian 1oz
Yingshan Black 1oz
Yingshan Green 1oz
Keemun Mao Feng 2oz
Jinggu Old Tree Yunnan 1oz
Keemun Black Snail 1oz
West Lake Black 1oz
Dragon Well 1oz
Hunan Green Needle 1oz
Tangerine Puerh 1oz
#3 Taiping Monkey King 1oz
Yueyang Yin Zhen 1oz
Laoshan Green Tea 1.5oz
Guizhou Jade Pearl 1oz
Yingde Black 1oz
2013 Pasha Raw Pu-erh 1oz
Wild H.G. White Peony 0.75oz
LuAn Melon Slice 1oz
Mi Lan Phenix Oolong 1oz
GX Bai Hao Yin Zhen 1oz
Anji Bai Cha 1oz
Zhang ping-shui xian 0.75oz
Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Sweet 0.75oz
Ti Guan Yin - Premium 0.5oz
Ti Guan Yin - Regular 1.75oz
Wuyi Sweet 0.5oz
Wuyi Smokey 0.75oz
Extra Items Avalible
Puerh Brick
Gong fu cha tools
Yixing Tea Friend (Pig)
Infuser Cup
Stainless Steel Tumbler
(with real bamboo layer outside)


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