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Special note: Listening to Myke and Jason try to pronounce herb names was hilarious. Heres how to say Rooibos:

South African: Australian:

There is no help for Myke and his "Hebiskus"

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Welcome fellow Listeners and Upgradians! I have been listening to Jason and Myke for years separately, and was overjoyed when I heard they were working together on Upgrade. Advertising is something that is new for our company, and what better way to start then by supporting the podcasts I listen to each week? Thank you for coming to our site, and I hope we can introduce you to a whole new world of delicious teas.

I would like to offer you a 25% discount (Coupon Code: "Upgrade") on our new Tea Club for the first three months. However subscriptions are not for everyone, so if you rather just order some things on your own then the same coupon code will work to give you free shipping (US only) on any order.


Tea of the Month Club

The Tea Club is designed to supply you with enough tea to last through the month if you drink about one cup a day and two cups on the weekends! (In other words 50 cups a month.)

Each month you will receive two different 2oz packages of tea and one 1oz of a high grade specialty tea. If you would like to order for two people, then your shipment will contain two 4oz packages of tea and one 2oz, and so on.

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Tea Of The Month
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Royal Yunnan - Organic
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