TeeVee Sponsorship

Hello TeeVee listeners! We love tea, Star Trek, The Incomparable and the Mirror Mirror universe. So naturally we are sponsoring TeeVee's Star Trek: Discovery podcast until the Discovery makes it back to our universe.

Each week check back and see what your discount will be for the week. The base discount is 10%, but receive additional percentage points if any of the following happen in that weeks episode:

  • Anyone Meets themselves: 2%
  • The Tardigrade is seen: 2%
  • DISCO Shirts are seen: 2%
  • Section 31 is mentioned at least once in episode: 5%
  • We see a mirror person in our universe: 2%
  • Captain Georgiou appears as the Emperor: 2%
  • Lorca Kills Someone: 2%
  • We see the USS Defiant: 2%
  • Psychic Mind melds: 2%
  • Cameo from any other Star Trek show: 5%

*It looks like we maybe back from the mirror universe. If that's the case then this last promotion will hold until the end of the season.

This week's Discovery Discount is: 16%

Use coupon code "MirrorMirror" at checkout.
Always get free shipping on tea when you register for an account.

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