utiliTEA kettle

New Mexico Tea Company
30 oz (1L)
Power: 1500W, 110v
1 year warranty

Green tea lovers no longer have to struggle to achieve the optimal steeping temperature, while darker tea drinkers can still expect impeccably boiling water. With an innovative temperature control system, this versatile device can heat to your preference-180 for green, white, light colored oolong teas, or boiling for black, dark oolong, and herbal teas. At last, an all-inclusive kettle for heating water for the perfect pot of tea. This durable stainless steel kettle is a must-have for green tea lovers. Kettle measures approximately: 8.25" tall with base, 8" handle to spout and 6" perpendicular to that.

Manufactured In


Materials Used

High quality stainless steel, polypropylene (BPA-free material).

Care Instructions

Do not use chemical, steel, or abrasive cleaners on the outside of the kettle. Wipe with a damp cloth using a mild cleanser. Rinse out the inside of the kettle with clean water.

This kettle is for boiling pure water only. It is not recommended to steep tea in; for that you need a teapot

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