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Thumbnail of The Earl Grey Collection
Are you a Duke or Duchess of Earl? Earl Grey tea that is! Then this is the collection for you. All of these teas and tisanes are blended with bergamot in them.
Thumbnail of Surprise Panda | Mug
You'll be glad to reach the bottom of your cup with this silly little panda mug!
Thumbnail of Jade Pearl
This tea may look like our Bi Luo Chun but don't let that fool you. This tea not only smells delicious, it brews into a beautiful cup of pure, Chinese green tea with a medium to light body, slight nutty quality and a smooth finish. As this tea cools, more of the vegetable notes come forward.
$4.00/oz - $/lb Jade Pearl
Thumbnail of Matte Red | 26 oz Modern Style Teaset With Tray
Set Dimensions: teapot - 6.75" x 3.5"H; cup - 2.5"D x 2.75"H
Thumbnail of Indigo/Gold Clover | Mug
Elegant painted leaves with gold detail atop a contemporary shape. Spiraling ridges and roomy handle make for a very comfortable hold.
Thumbnail of Rainbow Luster | Cup
A traditional Japanese shape with American proportions, this big cup is as subtly colorful as a raven in the sun.
Thumbnail of Ippuku Celadon | Cup
Sized to fill a hand, this cup also has a slight groove for your thumb.

Glazed by hand in luminescent smoke blue and moss green.

Thumbnail of Decaf English Breakfast
For a decaf, this cup is decidedly self-assured with floral notes, medium body, balanced astringency, and a long finish. Enjoy as is, hot or iced, or compliment with milk.

Note that using a more leaves per cup is a common approach when brewing decaffeinated teas, as they do brew a little lighter.

$4.50/oz - $/lb Decaf English Breakfast
Thumbnail of Decaf Ceylon
Courtlodge is a highly regarded Ceylon estate, and this Co2 decaffeinated Flowery Pekoe black tea retains its distinction and quality. Lovely alone, hot or iced, or with cream/sugar to taste.
$4.50/oz - $/lb Decaf Ceylon
Thumbnail of Red Daisy | Chopstick Bowl
5"Dx3.75"H Bowl with chopstick holder and chopsticks.

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Posted on 9/14/2021
“My favorite thing to bake is macarons, and these matcha blueberry macarons pair perfectly with the White Jasmine Rose tea!”
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Photo Contest - Tea gelato!
Posted on 9/8/2021
“We have been making gelato with tea and honey - milk oolong, earl grey - but the Persian blend with extra cardamom is my current favorite.”
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Photo Contest - Joy
Posted on 8/31/2021
“Enjoying a tasty cup of Honey Black tea! I've been looking for a way to jump start my morning and this little cup of magic is just what I needed. Bee happy!”
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