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Photo Contest - Decisions
Posted on 6/22/2021
A great selection of teas to choose from! Bohemian Raspberry and Peach Apricot Black would both make especially good iced teas. Two common ways to brew iced tea are cold brew and sun tea. To make iced tea with one of these methods, fill a large jar with loose leaf tea and then fill with filtered water. We usually use 1 ounce of tea for every gallon of water. If you like your tea rich, it wouldn’t hurt to add more tea leaves. Then, place the jar inside the refrigerator overnight for cold brew or under direct sunlight for sun tea and allow it to sit. Finally, strain the leaves, serve over ice, and enjoy!
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Photo Contest - Lucky Summer
Posted on 6/15/2021
“Lucky Summer from NM Tea Co. makes an excellent iced tea for hot, hot weather in Santa Fe. Thanks to my mother-in-law for the excellent Christmas gift last year - the tea of the month package.”
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Photo Contest - Patiently Waiting For My Tea
Posted on 6/8/2021
“Patiently waiting for my tea, French Blend steeping and my cute puffer fish tea cup ready to be filled. This photo was taken at my home.”
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